The Treadmill Advantage: Save Time, Train Smarter, and Become a Better Runner

The Treadmill Advantage: Save Time, Train Smarter, and Become a Better Runner (Kindle Edition),

Treadmills are Awesome

The treadmill is trusted by coaching legends, elite runners, and Olympians. If it is good enough for them, it is safe to say that it is good enough for everyone that runs. This knowledge is important because sometimes people have a negative connotation about treadmills that can cause a person to doubt the effectiveness of their workouts. Nobody wants to work hard while having a nagging question in their head, “Am I wasting my time by not running outdoors?” Fear not. This modern-day device is the real deal and can help you achieve your running and fitness goals.

Key Factor

In chapter seven, learn a key factor to prevent unknowingly training at the wrong pace on the treadmill. As you may already know, most books and online training programs use past race performances to determine paces for the different types of running that make up most plans. Instead of mistakenly using the wrong speed and effort, you will learn a technique that makes following these pace-specific training plans a joy on the treadmill; not to mention, very helpful.

Recent Customer Reviews

“Full of precious information and I highly recommend it to both novices or experienced runners!”

“Fantastic read.”

“A well thought-out book with lots of great ideas for both a novice or experienced runner.”

“I loved it and will apply what Pete has shared from his experience and knowledge to become a stronger, faster runner!”

“Well worth the read for anyone that runs or is considering running.”

"Good information about treadmill running, and perfectly organized and presented."

"Concise and to the point."


Does the book provide training advice?
Yes, there are nuggets of training advice throughout the book. However, I do not cover any specific training programs (there are books dedicated to that). If that is something you are looking for, I highly recommend any based on the coaching of Jack Daniels. Often, people refer to him as “The World's Best Coach,” and for a good reason. He has been coaching some of the world’s top runners for over fifty years. In his book, Daniels’ Running Formula, he covers training plans from 800-meter to marathon distance and everything in between. Additionally, you can find his training programs online at the Run S.M.A.R.T. Project.

What treadmill do you use in training?
Despite two runners in the household and thousands of miles, our Precor 9.23 purchased in 2009 is still meeting our current training needs perfectly. While there are a handful of manufacturers making great treadmills, I highly recommend Precor.

What recourse do I have if I dislike the book?
If you don't enjoy the book or find it useful, you can request a refund via Amazon. Type “Return Kindle eBooks” in Amazon’s search field for instructions.

If you have any questions or ideas for adds, changes, or deletes to a second edition (I’ll credit you in the book) – or just want to correspond about running, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me via email at

Happy running!

 The Treadmill Advantage: Save Time, Train Smarter, and Become a Better Runner (Kindle Edition),

Audie the Angel: And the Angel Army (The Angel Archives) (Volume 1)

Audie, a seemingly typical twelve-year-old girl, is summoned from her middle school one day. She travels through a windmill farm and brought to an island where she’s told that she is actually an Angel and, more importantly, that she is of Phoenix descent. She is the pivotal and final member of an assembly of others her age, called The Angel Army. The army includes Luce—the dangerously handsome dark Angel predestined to fall from Heaven—and Cave—a stowaway from Earth who is crushing on her hard—as well as eight Angels with magical talents, a feisty Fairy, and a nimble gnome. Audie’s ordinary life becomes drastically different as she transforms; she sprouts gold wings, receives a halo passed on from the mother she never met, and her fellow Angels teach her to use her hand-me-down Phoenix powers. However, before she even learns to fly she is told of the real reason she is needed: an evil Elder Angel has discovered a way to dominate Heaven. Haunted by dreams of her past Phoenix life, puzzled by her feelings for both the charming Luce and her human friend Cave, Audie has to conquer her newfound powers quickly because the future of Heaven rests on her wings. Can she fight against flying Dare Demons, the Marsh Master, the Frost Fairy, and Evil Souls to save Heaven? Can Audie change destiny and save Luce from falling to his fate?

Audie the Angel and the Angel Army is the first of three volumes in a Middle Grade to Young Adult fantasy adventure series that make up The Angel Archives. Hang onto your Halos, because this story is filled with wild winged adventure!

About the Author
Erika Kathryn has her Bachelors of Science Degree from East Carolina University, major in Criminal Justice, minor in English. She's been dreaming of Angels for over 10 years. She started the story of Audie when she was still in college. She has written several other novels and many poems but none of which pull at her heartstrings the way Audie the Angel does. She is currently working on the journey of Volume 2 for Audie the Angel. When she isn't writing Erika Kathryn reads to her beautiful Angel-Daughter, Kathryn Kay, and tells her that dreams DO come true while residing in Crete, IL.


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KILL 'EM IN BRAZIL (Devil Barnett Detective Series Book 6)

When I created Devil Barnett back in the mid 80’s the idea of a bad-assed African American ex-CIA hitman turned private detective appealed to me. Now I could use my hard boiled, world-weary cynical detective to right some wrongs as well as express my views about what I saw as ingrained social injustices and inequalities. I could now slate big business criminality and indifference along with the widespread political corruption and complicity that I believed had become a part of the hidden malignant underbelly of the American culture machine. The same machine that I felt was driving its citizenry towards a strange kind of collective psychosis.
Now some thirty years later when I read that there were 372 mass killings in the US during the past year, I am horrified and astounded to realize that even my ardent and youthful cynicism has been eclipsed by a reality more sinister and brutal than I had imagined; making me realize that Devil Barnett has a lot more work to do.

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This edition of Hollywood Weekly features the inspiring story of Monalisa Okojie. 

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Fairalon by T.J. Roberts

Book Review:
"Fairalon" by T.J. Roberts
a children's book, middle grade / YA.
web site:

Wow! Wow! Wow! I so loved this book, it is magical and an absolute delight to read. I love books of this genre, with fairies and magic and I must say this is one of the best I have ever read. Iris is a wonderful character and her emotions and struggles felt so real to me. I love watching her discover the truth behind her feelings and her gentle heart. The other characters made the story perfect and the detailing is spectacular. It is written with a great flow and definitely keeps your attention. The illustrations are amazing and tied it all together in a neat little package. This is my first experience with this author but it will not be my last. T. J. Roberts is a brilliant writer with an incredible imagination and I want more of his amazing mind. I recommend this book to everyone; it is an adventure for the mind and will stay in the heart for a long time. It would be a great movie.

"Fairalon" by T.J. Roberts
web site:

Up from Where We’ve Come

Soul Music Great Charles Wright’s New Book “Up from Where We’ve Come” AVAILABLE NOW In Celebration Of Black History Month!

A Historical Autobiography Detailing the Racism and Hardship the Wright Family Faced as Sharecroppers Near Clarksdale, Mississippi Circa The '40s and early '50s.

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(Los Angeles, CA) Charles Wright, the great soul musician known for the song “Express Yourself” is proud to announce the release of his first book, “Up From Where We’ve Come.” The first installment in a planned series of autobiographies, “Up From Where We’ve Come” is an up-close and intimate telling of Charles’ childhood and the Wright family’s back-breaking struggles as sharecroppers near Clarksdale, Mississippi through the '40s and early '50s. Written in the raw dialects of how Blacks and Whites communicated during that era, it's a riveting insider’s glimpse into the realities of the times.

Do we truly know the full extent of our history?” Charles challenges. “I’m willing to bet that most of us do not have the slightest idea. ‘Up From Where We’ve Comeis the history of me as a child growing up in the cotton fields of Mississippi at a time few, except people such as myself, remember. It’s an intimate slice of America’s history.

Remember --- a pie is not complete until every slice is accounted for. ‘Up From Where We’ve Come is an important piece of history which every true American should seek to experience…especially those who are seeking the truth.” raves, “’Up From Where We’ve Come’ emerges as a triumphant and highly unique literary statement from a man whose music has already touched several generations of fans…”



A Sailor in Time by S D Ann

SD Ann's new adventure will have you committed to your dreams
A Sailor in Time” A story about the life of a sailor.

Kingston upon Hull, England – Creativity and intelligence has given way for SD Ann's new book “A Sailor in Time”.

As Chester Thorns understands his pathway in life and commits himself to his duties with the trials and tribulations of sea life along the way. The adventure begins in his youth and courses its way through his life.

A story about life at sea with humour and honour. As the course of events go deep and then enlighten you with intelligence.
A Sailor in Time
Soft cover – ISBN 9781326155667
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu

About the Author
SD Ann is a mature woman with a wealth of experience and knowledge of life. She loves writing fiction stories of different genres. Educational, Criminal, Psychotic, Paranormal, Adventurous and everyday life. She is also the author of “The Wings of Flight”, “The Image of my Priest” and “Evil Dwell”.